There are about 32 Million People in MALAYSIA, and despite our many progresses as a Church and a Nation, MORE THAN HALF have never experienced the thirst-quenching, life-giving power of THE WORD OF GOD.

The International Bible Society Movement

Our journey began with one little girl’s quest to have a Bible of her very own, in her native Welsh. Her name was Mary Jones and she was just 15 years old. Having been born into poverty, Mary saved up for 6 years to pay for her Bible and finally in the summer of 1800, she began a long and difficult walk across the plains. After walking across 25 miles of rough terrain, Mary eventually acquired her very own Welsh Bible.

The story of her unwavering determination to obtain God’s Scripture inspired a much larger movement to put a Bible in the hands of every individual who desired one, in a language they could comprehend. Led by Rev. Thomas Charles and other church leaders who were similarly moved by Mary’s story, they began making plans to distribute the holy book across the whole of Wales. As their plans took shape, a realization hit them. ‘If for Wales, why not for the kingdom? And if for the kingdom, why not for the world?’

The United Bible Societies

Today, The United Bible Societies serve as the largest translators, publishers and distributors in the world. Made up of 147 national chapters, the fellowship collectively serves over 200 independent countries and territories. Currently, scriptures for a third of the world’s estimated 6500 languages are available, alongside 450 complete Bible translations. 30% of which include the Deuterocanon, with more added each year.


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