15 Nov 2012

In 1612, the Gospel of Matthew was translated into Malay by AC Ruyl, just one year after the publication of the King James Bible. In 1629, the Matthew gospel Dutch-Malay diglot was published, the first non-European language Scripture to have done so. To commemorate its 400th Anniversary, the Bible Society of Malaysia held a BM Bible Conference at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM Seremban) on 2nd March 2012, at Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya on 3rd March, and at Seminari Theoloji Sabah (STS KK) 16th June. The events were organized together with the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), STM and STS.

On 5th November 2012, a fund-raising dinner was held at the Ballroom, Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, PJ. The 78-table full house dinner event brought together many church leaders, pastors, priests, elders, ministry-workers, politicians and lay-leaders of different church affiliations in a symbolic display of Christian unity and witness. Every participant went home with a souvenir bag consisting of a stamped Alkitab Berita Baik, a copy of Alkitab Kanak-Kanak, a copy of the Dutch-Malay Matthew Gospel replica, a souvenir programme and two issues of Asian Beacon. The celebration collected more than RM1 million to support the BM Bible distribution and the formal BM Bible translation projects.

Mr Lee Min Choon, Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng, Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam

Dato' Lee Hwa Beng, Bishop Datuk Dr Thomas Tsen, Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing

Juwita Suwito & Patrick Leong singing "Be Thou My Vision"







Corporate Worship & Praising God

Representatives from UBS

Dutch Ambassador & wife







SEMOA Orang Asli Children Choir

SIB PJ Choir

G-Kris Iban Worship Team leading in praises and dance







Ps Solomon Bulan & Kartini sharing on Penan Revival & Nehemiah Ministry

Six honoured for contribution to Alkitab Berita Baik









Download the Souvenir Programme for the night 400 Year Souvenir


By God’s timing, on the same historic date of 5th November 2012, the texts of the ABB were put online at You Version. The ABB text can also be accessed and download at http//www.jubileebible.my and BSM website www.biblemalaysia.org.


Brief History of Alkitab Berita Baik:

In 1996, the translation of Alkitab Berita Baik (ABB) was completed and published. The translation approach was modelled after the meaning-based Good News Bible. In 2001, the ABB text was successfully revised and published. This functional version was especially popular and useful among students and readers whose grasp of the BM language was simpler and less sophisticated.

On 15th March 2009, a consignment of 5,000 copies of the ABB were imported from Indonesia but detained at Port Klang by KDN for two years. The detained ABBs were stamped by KDN officials before their final release on 29th March 2012.

After a media announcement of the Cabinet 10-points on 3 April 2011 allowing the translation, publication and distribution of all BM, BI and indigenous language Bibles, BSM received a generous pledge to support the distribution of Alkitab throughout East and West Malaysia. A total application of 400,000 copies of the BM Bibles was received. As at December 2012, a total of 200,000 copies of the free BM Bibles were distributed. The remaining 200,000 copies are to be distributed in stages in 2013.


Formal BM Alkitab Translation Project:

BM Bible readers who preferred a formal version had requested BSM to do a formal BM Bible since 2001. An Alkitab Bahasa Malaysia (ABM) Translation Workshop was carried out at BSM in June 2011. Eight participants took part in the workshop led by UBS Translation Consultants Rev. Dr. Daud Soesilo, Dr. Yu Suee Yan and Dr. Daniel See. During the workshop, the drafts of Filemon and 2 Yohannes were completed. Thereafter, a pilot project to translate Injil Lukas was launched and the drafts were published in early 2012 for the purpose of review by church leaders and stakeholders.

BSM aims to complete the formal BM Bible project and publish the first formal BM Bible (called Alkitab Bahasa Malaysia) in the year 2020.

To hasten the translation project, BSM is now inviting qualified candidates to apply for two posts of BM Bible Translators).

Those who are interested in the BM translator positions, please write to:


Rev. Dr. Simon CH Wong,

General Secretary,

Bible Societ y of Malaysi a,

No. 2 Jalan SS20/10 Damansara Kim,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

E-mail address: cwsac@yahoo.com

Mobile no. 016-558 6849



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On 16th September 2012, Malaysia celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the nation Malaysia. It was on 16th September 1962, when Peninsular Malaya merged with the two states of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia to form Malaysia.

For this special 50th Jubilee Year, a team of Bible agencies came together to make available the Bible, the Word of God, in the major languages ( Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Indian ) as well as the tribal languages in Malaysia and languages of foreign migrants living and working in Malaysia at a new website ( http://Jubileebible.my) free of charge. The Bible in the various languages and dialects can be downloaded at no cost. Audio recordings of some of them can also be downloaded.


Formal Malay Bible Translators Workshop


The Bahasa Malaysia ( Malay ) Version of the Bible  i.e. Alkitab Berita Baik (ABB) which has been published by BSM is about 27 years old. This is the only full Bible version available in the Bahasa Malaysia language. This translation is based on the Dynamic Equivalence (meaning based) method of translation. The original translators had the intention of making the translation easy to understand and  anyone who has an education level of Form Three and above will have no difficulty reading and understanding it. Nevertheless, as the BM speaking churches mature and Malaysians become more educated, the need for a more formal (literal and accurate) version of the BM Bible arose.

BSM, at the request of the BM speaking churches, undertook the task of initiating a formal translation of the Bible in BM. A Translators Workshop was organised on 6th  – 8th  June 2011 to commence the process. A total of 11 BM proficient participants took part in the workshop. Three Translation Consultants from UBS helped to train the translators. Rev Dr Daud Soesilo, Dr Yu Suee Yan and Dr Daniel See were the three UBS Consultants who trained the translators.

Within the three days, the participants were able to translate the letters of Jude and II John into a more formal BM version.

Injil Lukas Bahasa Malaysia

Subsequently, the team embarked on translating the Gospel of Luke as a pilot project. This was completed by December 2011. The “Injil Lukas Bahasa Malaysia” was printed in February 2012. Copies were sent to various Church leaders for their review. If the standard of formal translation is accepted, the team will proceed to translate the whole Bible. The  project is estimated to take 12 years.



Launching the Penan New Testament

After years of labour, the Penan New Testament was finally published by BSM  and launched on 17 July 2011 in  Sarawak. A few hundred Penan Christians gathered with former Australian missionary, Phyllis Webster  to celebrate the Word of God coming in the Penan tongue. The Penan is a small minority group  with about 10,000 of them spreading over 87 villages in the highlands of Sarawak. Many have abandoned their nomadic life and settled in the fringes of towns.  More and more of  the Penan are becoming Christians, making the need of the Bible in the Penan language a necessity.



Bringing God’s Word to Burmese Christians in Malaysia





In its Silver Anniversary celebration in 2011, BSM raised  RM60,000 for the Miao Bibles and  RM40,000 for the Myanmar Bibles1,000 copies of the Burnese Judson Bibles and another 1,000 copies of the Tedim-Chin Bibles were distributed to the thousands of Chin Christians working or seeking refuge in Malaysia. This brought great joy and comfort to the Chin Christians  as many have fled their homeland to avoid war and conflicts.


Celebrating  400 years of existence of the Malay Bible


When Dutch merchant, Albert Cornelisz Ruyl, translated the Gospel Matthew into the Malay language in 1612 in Indonesia, he had no idea that he was writing to an audience of 250 million Malay speaking people in the future.  This event took place just about a year after the King James Bible was published.

BSM, together with Seminary Theology Malaysia (STM) and Seminary Theology Sabah (STS) , celebrated the 400th Anniversary of the Malay Bible on 2nd-3rd March 2012 and 15th-16th June 2012 respectively. The event on 2nd March was held at STM in Seremban with about 80 scholars, pastors, church workers, Christian leaders participating in the academic Bible Conference. The 3rd March event was held at the Trinity Methodist Church, PJ for the general public. There was keen interest among Churches and Christian organisations on the BM Bible and “Allah” issues. The 15th -16th June 2012 events held at STS , Kota Kinabalu were also well participated by the academic and general public.

The key speakers were Dr Daud Soesilo (UBS Global Translation Adviser , Brisbane), Dr Ng Kum Weng ( Kairos Research), Mr Lee Min Choon ( Chairman, BSM) and Rev Dr Simon Wong ( General Secretary , BSM).

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