How to get involved in the Bible Ministry


1.   Be an informed partner. 

Follow the developments in our Bible ministry by visiting our website regularly and subscribe to our free Sower Magazine, newsletters and prayer letters.


  2.    Upholding us in prayer.

Praying for the Worldwide Bible Ministry

Please pray for the United Bible Societies.

  • Pray for wisdom to be given to the Global Board and Management of UBS as it has undergone a recent restructuring and refocusing .
  • Pray for the printing and distribution of the Bible. Bible Societies all over the world, are engaged in the task of bringing God’s Word to the people who do not have it. This is a daunting task. It has been estimated by World Christian Database that there are 86,000 persons becoming Christian each day. This will mean that about 31 million new Christians are added to the Kingdom of God every year. United Bible Societies , to which 147 Bible Societies belong, supplies about 25 million Bibles, 16 million New Testaments and 28 million Scripture Portions totaling 69 million Scriptures to meet the new demands and replacements of old Bibles every year. Pray for the wisdom, energy and commitment of Bible Societies staffs to meet this growing need.

Pray for the Bible Society of Malaysia

Please pray for the Board and Committee members of BSM so that they can guide the Bible ministry in Malaysia in the right direction. Pray that God will give them the wisdom and ability to meet the many challenging issues facing the Bible ministry in Malaysia.

Please also pray for our Formal Bahasa Malaysia (BM) Bible Translation project as this is a very important project for the BM speaking churches. Ask the Lord to grant Dr Daniel See, our Translation Consultant, and his team of translators and Reviewers the wisdom, strength and ability to expedite the translation. Pray for the funding and the supply of more resources (especially translators) for this project.


 3.       Participate in our Bible Engagement Seminars. Be Engaged in Bible Engagement.

BSM has plans to organise Bible Engagement Seminars to encourage and help Christians to be more engaged with the Bible. You can be engaged in this Bible ministry by participating and helping us to organise these seminars throughout the country.


4.       You can share our Belief in the Bible Ministry. We believe that  God’s Word has the power to convict and transform its readers’ lives. Be our representative in your local church and area.


5.       You can sow into our Bible Ministry but supporting us financially.


6.       You can bless those who need the Bible but cannot afford to purchase one by sponsoring  our Bible-A-Month programme which distributes free Bibles to those who need them.


7.       Your Church or Organisation can partner with us in the following areas :

Partnership in Bible Translations – by recommending and sending your best human resource to help in our translation projects.

Partnership in Bible Publication – by jointly publishing special-purpose-Bibles for different target groups e.g. prisoners, women, youth or army personnel.

Partnership in Bible Distribution – by helping us to distribute free Bibles at the local church level to those who need them.

Partnership in Bible Engagement – by helping us to publicise and promote the Bible (through Bible Sundays) and Bible Engagement activities at your church.

Partnership in Missions and Evangelism – by joining us in free Bible distribution activities targeting the local as well as overseas people groups.