JAIS officer Mohd Shazihan Ahmad in confrontation with BSM President Lee Min Choon


Crowding around Lee Min Choon

JAIS Raid with the presence of the police

JAIS officers making a police report against BSM Lee Min Choon and Sinclair Wong

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF EVENTS IN JAIS’ RAID ON BSM’S OFFICE ON 2 JANUARY 2014                                                                                                                                        

1.20 pm       Three vans, a police car and a few other cars arrived at the side entrance of our premise. Our Bookroom was closed for Stock check.

1.30 pm       About 15 personnel from JAIS and 2 uniform police constables came through our side gate and demanded to enter the premise to search for materials containing the word “Allah”. They claimed that they have received some complaints that we possess materials containing the word “Allah”. They asked to see the person-in-charge.

1.35 pm.      Our Manager, Sinclair Wong, attended to them and requested to see their identification and Search warrant. Two  showed their JAIS staff cards while the others didn’t. Sinclair also requested the police officers to show their ID cards. The JAIS officer said that they do not need to produce a Search Warrant for the search. He claimed that they have the authority under the Selangor State Laws. One of them threatened the call the Sultan.

                      When Sinclair said that he needed to confirm with the General Secretary and President and it would only take five minutes, they threatened that whether they get the permission or not after five minutes, they will force their way into our premise to carry out the search.

1.45 pm.      Our President Mr Lee Min Choon arrived and reasoned with them. Some of them began shouting and became aggressive towards Mr Lee.

1.55 pm.      To avoid harm to the staff and any untowards incidence, Mr Lee allowed five of them to enter our premise and do the search. They aggressively seized 16 boxes (320 copies ) of our BM Bibles and 10 copies of the Iban Bible and 20 copies of the Lukas Gospel. They took photographs and then formally announced that they are arresting Mr Lee and Sinclair. They took Mr Lee and Sinclair’s ID cards and asked them to proceed to the nearest Police Station which was the Uptown Police Station.

2.10 pm       Arrived at Uptown Police Station. Min Choon, Sinclair together with Simon waited for JAIS officers to file their report. We were then told that Min Choon and Sinclair can be freed after being bailed by Simon.

2.30 pm.      Arrival of press people.

3.40 pm      Min Choon and Sinclair freed after the bail was made. However, they are required to go to JAIS’ office on 10th January 2014 to record a statement.