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  1. The Nicea Council and the Canon of the Bible

How can we trust the Bible as it was edited by men? Some thought that the canonization of the Bible was carried at the Council of Nicea. This is no true. Canonization was not even in the agenda at the Council of Nicea. This misconceived idea was the creation of Dan Brown and many others.  When and how were the books of the New Testament decided upon as canon? View this video.


Has the Bible been corrupted?

Dr Hugh Ross, President of Reasons to Believe, addresses the inconsistencies in oral traditions in the Bible. Have there been predictions (prophecies) been added into the Bible after the occurrence of the events? View this video.

Is the Bible reliable as a Historical Document?

Lee Strobel shares on his interviews with leading Bible scholars on the reliability of the historical records in the Bible.  Lee goes on to prove the reliability of these records in the Bible. View this video.

Why the Bible is the Most Reliable of All Ancient manuscripts

Over the centuries, the Bible has been attached more than any book in the history of mankind. There is an argument that what we have of the Bible are copies of documents which are copies of the copies of the originals. Along the transmission of such copies, there were corruptions to the text. Dr Sam Lamerson argues that this is not true. We have thousands of copies of these documents in the New Testament ; some dating back to 200 AD, many times more than any ancient document. View Dr Lamerson’s, Kerby Anderson’s (Probe Ministries Intl)  and Dr N T Wright’s  arguments in this video.

Did the Church scribes tamper with the Biblical texts?

Dr Daniel B Wallace acknowledges that some scribes did tamper with the texts at time but not in changing the text but to explain the meaning of words or phrases. View the full explanation here.

Sources of the New Testament

Dr Gary Habermas and Dr Daniel B Wallace talks about the 9 persons who contributed to the 24 books in the New Testament. View this


New Testament Manuscripts

Dr Daniel B Wallace shares on the present day’s continuous discovery of ancient Biblical manuscripts. View this video.


New Testament Canon- Which book would go into the New Testament canon?

Dr Gary Habermas and Dr Daniel B Wallace talk about the 3 criteria on the selection of the New Testament canonical book.  View this video.

Which Bible translation is best?

Michael Patton shares on his views on what are considered good translations. There are more than 200 translations of the English Bible.  View this video.



A series of documentary videos on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. View these videos.

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 1

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 2

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 3

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 4

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 5

BBC Documentary – Dead Sea Scrolls 6


Inside the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Scrolls are fascinating because they are like puzzles. It requires great effort to piece them together. When completed, they tell us great details about the history of Bible and the ancient world. View the scrolls here.


Dead Sea Scrolls – The Isaiah Scroll

The Isaiah Scroll is one of the most important scrolls in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It measures over 24 feet and contains the 64 books of the Isaiah. It has considerable accuracy in its text in comparison with older texts. View this video.


Archaeology – Digging for the Truth of the Bible

Dr Don Patton talks about the many archaeological evidence dug up in Palestine. He followed the trail of stones ( stone altars) found in the land of Israel. View this video here.


What are we to make of Adam & Eve?

Alister McGrath discusses the meaning of Adam and Eve to modern men and women. View this video.



Dr Hugh Ross and Dr Jeff Zweerink discuss misconceptions about dinosaurs, humans and the Bible. View these videos here.


Dinosaurs and the Bible Part 1

Dinosaurs and the Bible Part 2


How old is the earth and when did the dinosaurs live?

Dr Hugh Ross tells us how old the earth is scientifically and when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. He also talks about the three generations of dinosaurs in three periods of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. View this video here.


When was Noah’s flood?

Dr Hugh Ross discusses the early agricultural skills in Genesis  4 and the spread of humanity after Noah’s flood. He believes that Noah’s flood was a localized flood rather than a global flood. View video here.


Did God create the earth before the sun and moon?

Dr Hugh Ross discusses the chronology of the creation of darkness and light in Genesis. View video here.


How long are the creation “days” in Genesis 1?

Dr Hugh Ross discusses whether the day in Genesis is 24 hours period or a longer period. The Hebrew word “yom” (meaning “ day”) has five different meanings. View Dr Ross’ argument.


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